We Will Not Walk in Fear
Senior Game Design Project created in collaboration with Ally Whitney and Corran Nolan.
Play as journalists investigating corporate corruption. Sort through key evidence by working with the Anonymous Witness to decide which evidence is relevant to the case you’re building together. Don’t be fooled by the double agent on your team that’s trying to publish the wrong information. Playable on itch.io.

Worked as Fabricator, Writer and Game Designer.

Cyber Cafe Carryout
Created using Unity 3D in collaboration with Sam Hudgins and Hongbing Pan.
In this cooking game test your memory skills to complete orders and make your robot customers happy. Can you become the best chef?
Made for all ages! Playable on itch.io.

Worked as Art Director and 2D Sprite Artist. Assisted with additional scripting and systems management.
player succeeding and failing to give the correct food to animals

Feeding Frenzy
Created using Unity.
Prototype explores simple sorting and movement mechanics. 

Worked as Game Designer, Game Programmer, and 2D Sprite Artist. 

Created using Unity in collaboration with Claire Reid.
Prototype exploring the mechanic of growing in size and weight through gravity and shape puzzles.

Worked as Game Designer, Game Programmer, and Level Designer. 

Seam Ripper

Created using Unity in collaboration with Corran Nolan.
Gray-boxed prototype explores 1v1 fighting games as a space to engage players into a competitive flow state. Different kinds of play was supported with: a level built for strategic movement like evading and strategic positioning and a weapons system that rewards death and risky behavior.

Worked as Level Designer, Assistant Programmer and Game Designer.